Welcome to Matched Betting Journal, I’m Richard from the UK and outside of my day job I like to create additional sources of income, matched betting is one of those sources and is actually very lucrative and a pretty decent hobby to get into!

This website was created to complement the YouTube channel “Matched Betting Journal”, clicking on this link will take you to my channel where you can see my adventure in video form, I am documenting every step of the way in both blog and video format, I share the offers I do daily (some of them will need an OddsMonkey account to be able to view them).

I also share my profits both on a daily basis and also a running total, you can find my journal updates at the top right in the menu above.

If you are new to matched betting and don’t know where to start then my suggestion would be to watch the video below and then read the “Getting Started” section.

How to Make £500 per Month

One thing I won’t do on this blog is provide dishonest information, this site is an open and honest look at matched betting, listing profits, losses, mistakes, warts and all 😫

One last thing to mention is that I am an OddsMonkey member, to get the most out of this blog I highly recommend joining OddsMonkey Premium, the membership is very reasonable at £17.99 per month and you will easily make that back each month even if you are only matched betting for a tiny portion of the time.

Click on the link below to Join OddsMonkey and complete the first two offers for FREE, these offers should net you around £45 profit!

If you want to follow along then you are more than welcome but to be 100% clear this is at your own risk, there are some areas of matched betting where I may choose to accept some risk, before diving into any offer or advantage play you need to be fully aware of the risks involved.

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